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Welcome back, everyone! Today, I’m here to help you with your WordPress SEO needs. In recent years, there has been an increase in competition when it comes to SEO plugins for WordPress. I personally have been using Yoast for years, which offers both free and paid options. Keep reading to find out if Yoast is right for you!

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DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliate deals or financial relationship with any of the following companies, and I’m recommending them of my own volition. None of these suggestions have been sponsored.

Yoast is Easy to Setup

You heard that right. Yoast comes with an easily configurable wizard for new users. Even if you aren’t a developer or don’t know the first thing about SEO, you’ll be able to get everything running in no time thanks to the emphasis on smooth user experience.

Yoast Helps With Content

Arguably the main reason to use Yoast SEO is the content analysis tool. Once you install Yoast, you’ll notice underneath each post or page in the editor you have some new options. You can set a focus keyword for your page, and Yoast will help you write your content intelligently.

Furthermore, there are settings to decide how your post appears in Google search results, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Leveraging all these aspects will help fine-tune your SEO process.

Yoast Has Great Blogs Explaining WordPress SEO

Alright, so this one doesn’t explicitly require you to actually install the plugin! Nonetheless, The Yoast SEO blog is jam-packed full of helpful tips and insider information in the world of SEO. The authors are quick to engage the comments section to provide any insights or extra information required. Stopping in on the Yoast blog once a week will help you get the most out of your SEO experience.

Yoast is Free — Sort Of

Many of the best features Yoast offers is available to users in their free plugin. With that laid out, there’s no reason not to try Yoast for your WordPress SEO needs and see how it works for you.

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