About Zach Atkinson

Something about Zach Atkinson had him fascinated with technology from an early age. One of Zach’s first memories is of his cousin Dylan showing him an NES. It was an absolutely mind-blowing experience for a toddler. Since that early experience in the late eighties, Zach has gravitated towards new technologies. Zach began learning about computer systems with the childhood goal of becoming a game developer.

About Zach Atkinson
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Zach has been programming for over twenty years. Starting in grade nine with Visual Basic, Zach moved on to C and C++ through highschool. Upon graduation, Zach enrolled at Seneca College to study Computer Programming Analysis. At the same time, Zach started working heavily with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and HTML technologies through his own business. Zach has created programs for large several large companies. He worked alongside IDS-Astra on their dealership inventory system, as well as Golder Associates for various database and manipulation tasks.

Most recently, Zach has been toying again with game programming through Unreal and Unity engines.

Frameworks and CMS

Zach has strong experience in all major CMS platforms including JoomlaDrupal, and WordPress. Over the past few years, the framework and CMS world has changed. With a strong background in PHP and LAMP builds, Zach is ready to help with any challenge you’re facing online.

Tomorrows Technology

Zach is always looking on the horizon for new technologies to harness for his clients. Some of his recent adventures include Gatsby, React, Laravel, and more. Follow all the latest tech Zach is researching on his blog.

Search Engine Optimization

Zach has several years with white hat SEO experience, and can help with your social presence through updating and managing your content or training your crew on SEO do’s and don’ts for your new or established business or personal website. Getting your brand recognized and established as a go-to source is easy with his help.

User Experience

Are you providing your users with the best experience when interacting with your brand? Zach can help ensure your site is streamlined and workable by emphasizing page objectives and calls to action alongside A/B tests, user sampling, and more!

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Zach Atkinson loves to tour with Pearl Jam

There’s more about Zach Atkinson than just online presence! Zach loves music. You can often find Zach playing his guitar or taking in a live concert. Zach is a die-hard Pearl Jam fan who has seen the band over fifteen times. Other favorite activities include playing video games with friends or spending time with family.

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