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WordPress Cache with WP Rocket

With so many options for your WordPress cache available, what plugin should you choose? Of course, the answer depends on your budget and use case. Many website administrators have had great success with free solutions like W3 Total Cache or Cache Enabler. While these plugins can help keep your budget spend tight, you also should consider hours invested in tweaks and other options. For a simple site, these options may work fine. However, if you ask me, the easiest option is WP Rocket!

WordPress Cache Speeds Up Websites.
Watch your site speed up with a few simple caching options properly enabled

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliate deals or financial relationship with any of the following companies, and I’m recommending them of my own volition. None of these suggestions have been sponsored.

What Does a WordPress Cache Plugin Do?

WordPress cache plugins generate static HTML versions of the pages on your site. These pages include all relevant content to reduce communication steps between the user and the server database. Once the cache is generated, users will be served these HTML pages and notice a significant increase in speed. This is because your website no longer has to query the database for different elements to display, everything is right there in the HTML file!

Which Caching Plugin Should I Use?

As with anything, it’s best to test a few setups and see what fits best in your workflow. There are many great options of varying complexity and pricing models. For myself, I chose to get a subscription to WP Rocket. It’s incredibly easy to install and manage! They also offer a lot more configuration options than many of their free competitors. Being able to quickly and efficiently pair up with a CDN is a lifesaver, and it gets along incredibly well with popular plugins like Yoast SEO and Imagify!

If you aren’t ready to put finances towards WP Rocket, take one of the free WordPress cache programs for a spin. You may not get all the fancy options, but you’ll still be generating your static HTML pages to serve your clients. Keep your eyes peeled next week for an in-depth look at the options in WP Rocket.

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