Web Services – A Full Suite of Solutions

Zach offers a large selection of web services designed to get your brand firing on all cylinders in the online world. Not content simply with developing, Zach has experience with SEO, project management, database ineraction and integration, as well as the abillity to take on your custom PHP, Javascript, or HTML5 project.

Web Services: Full Site Analysis

Your business site has been up for a while and you are starting to see some gains in traffic and user retention – but are you reaching the full potential with your website? Zach can conduct a site-wide audit on all of your pages to determine what can be optimized, what is being under utilized, and what could be added to make the most out of your online presence.

This audit goes over several key points including security, code efficiency, image efficiency, SEO, and most important for you, ease of use for you and your clients.

Web Services: White Hat SEO

Many companies offer black hat services designed to get you many link backs in order to “cheat” Google into thinking your pages are more relevant to the keyword than they really are. What’s the point of that? You’ll see an initial surge in users who end up off put that the content your site is supposed to be a reliable source on has been written to impress search engines rather than human beings.

White Hat SEO is the process of optimizing for keywords while still keeping your content organic and on point, targeting human beings as your main end users instead of the search engines. With small rewrites and the right keywords, you can implement your SEO strategy both cheaper and more effectively than the competition.

Zach has experience with Google Analytics, Adwords, Adsense, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Webmaster Tools and Alexa. Let Zach get your business properly configured on these services to maximize your return on SEO!

Web Services: Customizing Existing Content

Already have a site that needs slight tweaks, without doing a whole redesign or upgrade? Ask Zach to update your existing site to bring it in line with modern standards. Zach can take your existing design and reconfigure it to work with a CMS, Add in responsive behaviors, or spice it up with JavaScript. If you aren’t ready for a full redesign or build let’s get what you have up to date.

Adding responsive design to your current site can open you up to a whole new group of clients. As mobile web traffic grows you owe it to yourself to ensure these users have a first-rate experience on your site!

Web Services: Website Development

Zach has been developing custom sites for over fifteen years. Fully capable of taking your existing PDF mockups and bringing them to life for the web. Whether you use a CMS Like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, or need a simple micro-site in HTML, Zach has the know-how and experience to bring your vision to life. By utilizing web standards and powerful frameworks Zach can ensure your site is not only optimized for todays web traffic, but tomorrows’ as well.

Anxious to see more web development by Zach? Check out the portfolio page to get a sample of some recent projects, and follow the blog for case studies and updates on future projects!

Web Services: In House and Online Training

Zach can train you and your staff on how to properly manage and maintain your new or existing website. Using custom materials including training PDFs, videos, and face to face or online conferencing, Zach can ensure your team is as comfortable maintaining your business website as they are driving into work in the morning. Don’t make the mistake so many do when jumping into a website and build it only to stagnate.

Hire Zach to train your staff, or if your crew already has enough on their plate look at one of his ongoing maintenance options!

Web Services: Ongoing Maintenance Packages

Sometimes you and your team have enough to do and don’t have the time to learn how to use your new site, but that’s no reason to let it stagnate! Let Zach offer his ongoing maintenance web services to your business to ensure any updates or maintenance to the site are handled.

Ongoing maintenance can be as simple as backups and CMS updates to updating routine blog postings (provided by client) or more to the site. Let Zach take the heavy lifting off your hands and sit back while your site is frequently updated and looking great!