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Chris Allen is Toronto’s Real Estate Authority and author of “The Book on Toronto Real Estate”. Chris was looking to step up his web presence and have an all in one source for his listings, thoughts, philanthropy and client information. Zach was able to offer a Real Estate website development solution to Chris with a CMS that suited his needs and gave him an easy to update platform to spread his thoughts.

CMS Setup

Chris needed a CMS based system and was already comfortable using Joomla, so we decided to keep him on that path. We decided to use EasyBlog to handle our postings, and the usual remedy of JCE to update the MCE editor, as well as Akeeba Backup to keep our site from any nasty problems.

Whatever platform you chose for your Real Estate website development project make sure the agent is familiar with it or you take the time to train them. A frequently updated site is by far the best tool for SEO.

Real Estate Website Development – Home & Listings

Chris’ home page has several calls to action to the popular parts of his blog, as well as a graphic highlighting his book. We also spotlight his media appearances near the footer. Clean colors and shadows highlighting the callouts give the page a nice professionalism while remaining modern.

Originally we had been using iProperty for our listing management software, but as Chris has attained more clients we moved that out in favour of a link back to his agency. Since the agency inputs all this data it keeps Chris confident the information will be current and won’t slow him down from his other tasks. If your agency currently handles this for you and you aren’t interested in a yearly MLS importing service, make sure you consider this for your next real estate website development project.

The Blog

To increase his online presence and share his knowledge, having a blog was a main concern of Chris. Since inception over two years ago Chris has remained blogging currently and attributes some of his success to that. With the increased exposure of having a frequently updated website Chris has been on many regional and national news programs.

On the blog pages we have used modules for a quick About Chris summary as well as a tagcloud to help boost SEO.

A blog is highly recommended to any realtor for their next Real Estate website development project. Even if your site is updated with new listings frequently, it’s important your site is full of relevant content to get the attention of related searches. Chris has taken advantage of this market by posting about renovations, Toronto neighbourhoods, and other subjects close to his business. Showing your clients this side of your knowledge really tells them you care about them and their business.

About the Realtor

We have three seperate pages dedicated to learning more about Chris Allen. The first is indeed the About page itself. Here we have a summary of Chris’ accomplishments and professional life.

The Philanthropy page celebrates the charities and causes Chris Allen advocates and donates to. Chris understands social responsibility and strives to help those in need reach excellence. Charity work is a huge boost not only for you spiritually, but lending a hand to a volunteer organization or sponsoring a team can be incredible for SEO, especially of those organizations offer a link back on their website.

The third about page is a collection of testimonials from Chris previous and current clients. With a background in the military including service overseas, Chris has the tenacity, ability, and confidence to deliver excellence and these client quotes are proof of that.

Asking your clients for positive feedback for your website is a great idea. If you’re having trouble with this try to sweeten the pot by offering gift cards or other incentives for supplying a testimonial!

All three About pages feature the same side bar modules. They are the same callouts from the front page, this time in a right side bar instead of placed horizontally near the footer.

Keeping your clients abreast of your latest accomplishments and business thoughts is the key to success in your next Real Estate website development project.

Client Information Pages

Sometimes clients need to know more about your business, not just you! To help facilitate that we included some client information pages which detail more about Chris’ agency as well as summarizing his customer rewards program and giving them a painless way to get in touch.

The Slavens & Associates page provides a short biography about Chris agency. Real Estate clients like to know about the agency their working with and what kind of track record they have. By providing this information in addition with the wealth of content about Chris Allen himself the client can feel comfortable getting a feel for how Chris can help them.

Chis has several client appreciation deals he offers. We wanted to showcase it all in an easy to read format on one page, so we came up with the CARE Rewards page. Inside is a list of businesses which offer special promotions to customers of Chris Allen. Showing your customers how much extra you can offer on your next real estate website development project could prove to be quite the boon. Linking to and from local business never hurt SEO either!

Real Estate Website Development – Closing Thoughts

This project still has a great style and design after several years, but when Chris decides to move forward with a redesign I would like to incorporate responsiveness. With the success of the blog we may decide to migrate to WordPress, and I would love to look into the WordPress MLS/IDX solutions so we can capture the data input by the agency and have it populate our site natively. Zach will keep you posted with all the latest!

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