About Zach Atkinson

Something about Zach Atkinson drew him to technology from an early age. Zach has been programming for over fifteen years. Starting in grade nine with Visual Basic, Zach moved on to C and C++ before heading to Seneca College to study Computer Programming Analysis. Upon leaving school Zach started working heavily with PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML technologies. Zach has created programs for large companies such as IDS-Astra in creation of their dealer CRM, as well as Golder Associates for various database and manipulation tasks.

In 2012 Zach started working with Objective C and Java to incorporate more native mobile development into his wheelhouse.

Frameworks and CMS

Zach has strong experience in all major CMS platforms including Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress, as well as working with custom CMS for your internal projects. With the rise of HTML5, jQuery, GreenSock, Bootstrap, Gantry and other frameworks, Zach has kept busy learning and implementing plugins and experiments with these technologies, always eager to bring the latest and greatest to his clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Zach has several years with white hat SEO experience, and can help with your social presence through updating and managing your content or training your crew on SEO do’s and don’ts for your new or established business or personal website. Getting your brand recognized and established as a go-to source is easy with his help.

Learn More About Zach Atkinson

There’s more about Zach Atkinson than just online presence! When not working with technology you can find Zach playing his guitar, taking in a live concert, playing video games with friends, or spending time with family. Zach is a die hard Pearl Jam fan who has seen the band over ten times. Recently Zach has been training the family dog for agility competitions.

Learn About Zach Atkinson Helping You

Zach has optimized his tool set to deliver the best web presence for your brand or business. With knowledge in all the areas around web development, your site will be set up from the ground floor geared for SEO, responsive design, and all the latest web technologies. What are you waiting for? Get in contact with Zach today!